Omnichannel Care Centre (patient)

24-hour patient service on all communication channels
  • Cutting-edge technical infrastructure
  • A service-oriented team of experts
  • Explaining health issues using clear, jargon-free language

With a professional Omnichannel Care Centre, you are offering your patients a modern service. No long waiting times for standard questions to be answered and a friendly point of contact who takes the time to address your patients’ concerns: We address complex medical questions in a competent and empathic manner, and in a way that is suitable for non-professionals to understand. Your patients will receive sound information on all questions concerning health and illness. If desired, further processes, such as the dispatch of service materials, can be triggered.

At times, patients are afraid to ask all the questions they have during a doctor’s consultation, or would like additional information about a prescribed therapy or medication afterwards. Others would like to talk about their emotional state as part of an illness management process. A competent point of contact helps your patients to clarify individual uncertainties and any questions they may have.

According to your specifications, we will inform the patients by means of a so-called “wording” that is agreed with you. We also properly document and process all pharmacovigilance-related content.

A competent service hotline bolsters your customers’ loyalty. You too can benefit from this, thereby creating a great calling card for your company and its reputation.

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