Patient magazines (digital and print)

Conception and design of creative patient magazines
  • Tailored to the needs of your target group
  • Various topics ranging from lifestyle and nutrition, to science and health
  • Delivering closer customer loyalty and strengthening your expert status

Patient magazines and journals are a very popular and, therefore, important source of information for patients. Well-researched and edited content is a basic prerequisite for the success of any magazine. The patient spends considerably more time with this medium, they want to browse and they expect a particularly appealing reading atmosphere. We develop texts covering many different health topics: From valid medical-therapeutic information, health and lifestyle topics, and through to nutrition. The texts are intended to simultaneously entertain and inform the reader.

For us, content tailored to the needs of the target group means that we carefully analyse the target groups and adjust the tone to the audience. Scientific texts and popular scientific content are part of our repertoire. Exciting storytelling is one of the many facets that underpins our communication strategy. By using emotional and authentic content, we convey even hard-to-understand content in a memorable way and help people to lead healthier lifestyles. For children and adults, as well as for people with health limitations of any kind: We will gladly develop a suitable concept for you.

Audimedes develops an editorial plan based on your needs and organises all related processes on request. This encompasses proofreading and editing, as well as layout, printing or publishing respectively. It goes without saying that we take into account all the requirements that are placed on (advertising) texts in the healthcare environment.

As an innovative and future-focused company, we observe all current trends taking hold in healthcare and will be happy to advise you on how to communicate expert knowledge in a targeted manner and attract the attention of your target group.

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A selection from our range of services
  • Digital reading circles for the waiting room
  • Content can be created in different languages
  • For example, as a topic series for your website
  • Including for children e.g. as picture book / patient information
  • As a complete package on request: Editorial plan, content creation, proofreading, editing, layout and printing
  • Content management and communication strategy

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